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Top 5 Swimsuit Compitation Miss Earth 2007

1. Miss Bolivia - Carla Loreto Fuentes Rivero, 19 years old and 180 cm tall from Villamontes
2. Miss Ecuador - VerĂ³nica Ochoa Crespo, 21 years old and 177 cm tall from Cuenca
3. Miss Guatemala - Jessica Scheel Loyola, 18 years old and 170 cm tall from Guatemala City
4. Miss Kazakhstan - Zhazira Nurkhodjaeva. 23 years old and 169 cm tall from Los Angeles
5. Miss US Virgin Islands - Je T'aime Cheree Cerge, 23 years old, 170 cm tall from St. Thomas

Willie Revillame vs Floralice Almoro-revillame

Case of verbal and emotional abuse against Willie Revillame by his wife Floralice "Liz" Almoro-revillame was reversed and set aside because of lack of evidence and witnesses. The court said on Liz "...complainant has only her claims. Even her parents did not come forward to support the same, or any other person for that matter, except perhaps Maria Cecilia Laxa-Pangilinan." while on Willie "...he had squarely and adequately answered all the issues or charges lodged against him by complinant which were further substantiated and attested by the collaborating statements or affidavits of his witnesses".

Glamorous Pictorial of KC Concepcion

Just like an Ice Princess, KC pose for her cover pictorial for Holiday Issue of Hair Asia Magazine. This is dedicated for Hair dressers who love the beautiful KC Concepcion. Fanny Serrano was hands-on for that pictorial. KC wore some dresses and gowns by top designer in the philippines from conservative to plunging neckline.

Arrianey of Eat Bulaga is on FHM

On The Spot money girl of Eat Bulaga - "Arrianey" is the Philippines FHM Cover Babe for November 2007. She is a brazilian model and her real name is Ariani Nogueira.

Four housemates eviction nominees of PBB

Ethel Booba's power to make her automatic nomination goes to Megan Young. Megan is nominated again for second eviction. Zara Aldana, Baron Geisler and Donald Geisler are among the voted nominees by their co-housemates. Actually the votes were intended for Baron but since his kuya Donald is his 2-in-1 housemate, he will suffer the same fate.

Toni inside the PBB House

Another host of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 entered the Kuya's house as a celebrity houseguest. Sunday October 28, Toni Gonzaga was told by big brother to become his house guest immediately after presenting the 4 eviction nominees for next week. Twist again!? I hope we could see Big Brother inside the

Jen and Marylaine first housemates evicted

After a week, the viewers voted Megan to stay in the big brother's house. It was Jen and Marylaine who were evicted for the first eviction night of PBB Celebrity Edition 2.

Lolit Solis vs Sam and Piolo

Lolit Solis has 10 days to respond from the demand letter by Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual. The demand letter for retraction of her controversial article that they considered malicious been received today October 27 by Ms. Lolit from the lawyers of both hunky actors. Lolit received it while in her show Startalk and right away said that she will never retract what she have written. She saw the two Actors herself and not just from any source. She saw what she saw and never intend to make malice issue on that article. (rumor is spreading that the actors are gay because of Lolit's story in that article :) )

Mocha leads a group aka pussycat dolls

Mocha started her career after she was discovered by GMA Talent Centre. She used to be a part of the group called Flavours, one of the regular casts of the soap, "Twin Hearts." Aside from their TV appearances, they also released a compilation dance album under Universal Records.
Then after her contract expired, Mocha decided to go solo and was managed by Byron Cristobal.
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Vital Stat: 34-24-35
Skills: Modeling (TV and Print Ads), Singing, Hosting, Product EndorsingRepertoire: TOP 40 POP R&B, DANCE
Now MOCHA has a group and named after her. The other four members are Hershey, Bambie, Bez and Grace. All of them can sing and dance. They finished
shooting their music video last Sept 17 for their song PATCHA! , the carrier single of their album under VIVA records. The video is directed by Mr. Robert Quebral. The took 12 hours to shoot and the girls are so excited about their very first music video! Catch their music video for PATCHA! on your favorite music channel. Mocha is somewhat recognized as a Pussycat Dolls of Asia.

One More Chance Bea and John Lloyd

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo will be having a new movie entitled "One More Chance" directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Philippines made it in Special Olympics

After the compitations in China of the Special Olympics, Philippines special athletes for bowling, boche, track and field, badminton, gymnastics and power lifting got some medals.

9 Gold Medals

18 Silver Medals

21 Bronze Medals

Yeng Contantino now

Yeng Contantino is the Grand winner of Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) last year December 16, 2006. After winning, her song "Hawak Kamay" hit the philippines turned Platinum and even used in a film "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" which won a best movie theme song. She now considered as hit maker of todays generation. She has a condo unit where she finished writing the song "Pasko sa Pinas". Yeng has a lot of shoes and her favorites are converse shoes. Her ultimate crush is Piolo Pascual. She has a hard time coping on the life she have now for she is far away with her family. Yeng is very close to them and she misses them.

Sam Milby admitted to Anne Curtis

We been seeing Sam Milby and Anne Curtis these days together. Sam told Miss Kris Aquino on Boy & Kris interview that he told Anne already that he have feelings for her during the Pinoy Big Brother Concert. Now Sam consider Anne as his Special friend and hoping in God's will to become his girlfriend or even wife. "If Anne is really the girl for me that God choose for me no matter what happens how many years, how many guys court her, if she is really the girl that God choose for me then will be together in the end". Sam has a new Album "A little too perfect" under Star Records.

Kean denies involvement about Danita's runaway

Kean Cipriano is the man pointed out by Daisy Romualdez who knows about the runaway issue of Danita Paner. Last October 14 Daisy told the media that Danita runaway from their house and Kean was involved. But after a week on the Buzz Kean denied all the accusations. Danita Paner is the youngest adobted daugther of Daisy Romualdez and former basketball player Manny Paner. She has an album produced by Viva Records named “Promotor”.

Pooh on 1 vs 100 wins 2 million

Manny Pukyaw? Manny Poohkiaw? Money Poohkiaw? Manny Poohquiao? The people's chump, Manny Poohquiao!!! He is Pooh. A stand up comedian Manny Pacquiao impersonator. He was the 1 vs 100 contestant Kids edition on October 13. He got 2 million pesos for the first time in the show. The final question to him is "Ano ang puwesto ng Pilipinas in relation to the equator?" he answers letter "A. Ang Pilipinas ay nasa taas ng Equator"

Jackie Rice not pregnant

17 year-old Jackie Rice denies the rumor that she's pregnant with biboy ramirez and she's not quiting in showbiz, she just get some rest and prepare more for her comeback. Now she's back and will be seen again in some GMA programs.

Janno Gibbs latest

Janno misses Gladys Reyes and hopes that they become friends again, His relationship with Bing is also doing well and their close again, he said during the interview on startalk. Janno has an upcoming show entitled KAKASA KA BA SA GRADE 5? which will be aired this coming October 27.

Alex Crisano dated Alyssa Alano

Alex were too vocal before that he wanted to date the startalk host Alyssa Alano. Lately his desire was granted when alyssa interviewed her which they consider it as a date. It was fun because we've known that Alyssa is so funny when she's speaking in english. Now they've known each other and let's see what will be the next news about them after this date.

First Eviction Night of PBB Celebrtiy Edition 2

The 1st eviction nominees after a week of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition II are

first is the princess of charm - Megan Young (kokey - filipina teen actress)

second is the despised babe - Jennifer Da Silva 2in1 with the brainy babe - Marylaine Viernes (26k deal or no deal members)

The nomination was made last saturday night October 13.

Palos actors and actresses on training

Jake Cuenca, Roxanne Guinoo and other artist of the upcoming tv series in ABS-CBN entitled Palos are on training already. They do Martial Arts training now. Other confirmed cast members are Cesar Montano, Regine Angeles, Ron Morales, Sunshine Cruz, Redford White, Dennis Padilla, Wendy Valdez, Julia Barreto.

Jon Avila - housemate of PBB Celebrity Ed 2

Hot and Sexy Jon Avila is 22 years old a half filipino and half irish model and star magic 15 member. He one of the housemates in the reality tv show PBB Celebrity Edition II.

Ethel Booba finally will join the housemates

It was rumored if Ethel Booba would really be in or out of the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2. Finally she decides to enter the PBB's House be one of the housemates. Scheduled this night on Primetime (October 17, 2007) of PBB she'll enter kuya's house.

Mariel Rodriguez is inside the PBB House

The big twist in the PBB house happen this day October 17, 2007 when Mariel (one of the host of PBB) was not allowed to go out of kuya's house. She is now officially one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Season 2 as decided by the Big Brother. I think she the one of the clue called the Celebrity Babe.

Zara Aldana is the Poor Beauty Queen of PBB Celeb ed 2?

<--Picture of Zara
Zara was tagged as the poor beauty queen because she'd a controversial past as a beauty queen. She was crowned as a Ms. Mutya Asia -Pasific Queen 2007 but dethroned for some reasons and that makes it controversial. News came out that she resigned. Zara said "kasi hindi daw ako sosyal tulad ng ibang candidates...hindi daw ako inglesera...nararamdaman ko ang discrimination...". Now she is in kuya's house of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition II to pursue again her dream for herself and her family.

Mcoy - The hit song "Pinoy Ako" singer of Pinoy Big Brother

Mcoy is the lead singer of the Orange and Lemons band who popularized the hit official sountrack of reality tv show PBB. Now he is one of the housemate of PBB Celebrity Edition II.

<--picture of Mcoy

Other hit songs of Mcoy's band are "Just like a Splendid Love Song", "Hanggang Kailan"Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown)", "Abot Kamay.

Gaby de la Merced in PBB Celebrity Edition 2

Pictures of Gaby

A sexy woman who loves the car racing adventure and a cover girl babe is inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. She is Gaby dela Merced - the 11th housemate to enter Kuya's house.

Victor Basa Pictures of pbb celeb ed 2

cute victor

Sexy Victor

Photos of Victor Basa the lonely dreamboy in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Season II on ABS-CBN.

Pictures of Megan Young

photos of the Pbb Celebrity edition 2 Housemate megan young -princess of charm. she young and sexy teen filipina actress.

Marylaine Viernes is the brainy babe

The 8th celebrity housemate entered int the Pinoy Big Brother Celeb. Edition season 2 of ABS-CBN channel two. She is called the brainy babe. she is a 26k deal or no deal member
<--picture of her when she entered the pbb house.

Baron Geisler is the wild child

The seventh housemate of PBB Celeb two, 25-year-old Baron Geisler was a teen actor before he blew out his career because of addiction of alcohol. Now he is trying to fight it by joining the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Season 2. Hope he could make it.
<-- picture of him as introduced in PBB Red Carpet Premiere.

Yayo Aguila is the mom in distress

The 6th housemate to enter the PBB House - the Mom in Distress of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Season 2 is Yayo Aguila. She is 40 years old and the wife of the former Bagets actor William Martinez.
<-- Picture of her when entering the PBB House.

ABS-CBN's Pinoy Mano Mano Celebrity Boxing Challenge

Pinoy Mano Mano Celeb boxing challenge is hosted by Cesar Montano and Bayani Agbayani

Celebrity boxers:

1. TJ Trinidad
2. Rico Barrera
3. Biboy Ramirez
4. Rico Robles
5. Michael Roy Jornales
6. Joem Bascon
7. Jordan Herrera

Every Sunday a pair will fight for the main event. Celebrity real boxing fight.

ABS-CBN's PBB Celebrity Edition II Housemates list and pictures

photos of the Kuya's housemates in PBB Celerity Edition Season 2.

Finally here is the latest lists of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Housemates of the PBB Celeb ed. two Red Carpet Premiere of ABS-CBN channel 2 and TFC abroad. Official ten of the contestants were introduced.

1. the celebrity babe - Mariel Rodriguez (one of the host of PBB)
2. the wild child - Baron Geisler (teen actor) 2in1 with - the good brother - Donald Geisler (taekwondo)
3. the princess of charm - Megan Young (kokey - filipina teen actress)
4. the true lover - Will Devaughn (model - product endorser)
5. the poor beauty queen - Zara Aldana
6. the despised babe - Jennifer Da Silva 2in1 with the brainy babe - Marylaine Viernes (26k deal or no deal members)
7. the english outcast - Jon Avila ( a model)
8. the lonely dream boy - Victor Basa (model and cover boy)
9. the desirable diva - Riza Santos (miss canada candidate for miss earth)
10. the mom in distress - Yayo Aguila (wife of william martinez)
11. ang komedyanteng promdi - Ruben Gonzaga (Comedian from davao - popularized budotz dance)
12. the racing goddess - Gaby de la Merced (formula 3 racer)
13. the real mcoy - Mcoy (orange and lemons)

Victor Basa is the Lonely Dreamboy in PBB of ABS-CBN

Pictures of Victor when presented in Pinoy Big Brother Celeb. Ed. Two Red Carpet Premiere

The fifth housemate entered in the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on ABS-CBN channel 2/TFC is Will Devaughn. He is 22 years old, born on June 6, 1985), a filipino model, actor, and host.

Ruben Gonzaga is the Komedyanteng Promdi in PBB Celebrity Ed 2 of ABS-CBN

Pictures of Ruben when presented in Pinoy Big Brother Celeb. Ed. Two Red Carpet Premiere

The fourth housemate entered in the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on ABS-CBN channel 2/TFC is Will Devaughn. He is 25 years old and a famous comedian from Davao City. Popularize the Budotz Dance in the City. He has a family now and dream to have his own house.