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Mocha leads a group aka pussycat dolls

Mocha started her career after she was discovered by GMA Talent Centre. She used to be a part of the group called Flavours, one of the regular casts of the soap, "Twin Hearts." Aside from their TV appearances, they also released a compilation dance album under Universal Records.
Then after her contract expired, Mocha decided to go solo and was managed by Byron Cristobal.
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Vital Stat: 34-24-35
Skills: Modeling (TV and Print Ads), Singing, Hosting, Product EndorsingRepertoire: TOP 40 POP R&B, DANCE
Now MOCHA has a group and named after her. The other four members are Hershey, Bambie, Bez and Grace. All of them can sing and dance. They finished
shooting their music video last Sept 17 for their song PATCHA! , the carrier single of their album under VIVA records. The video is directed by Mr. Robert Quebral. The took 12 hours to shoot and the girls are so excited about their very first music video! Catch their music video for PATCHA! on your favorite music channel. Mocha is somewhat recognized as a Pussycat Dolls of Asia.

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