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Yeng Contantino now

Yeng Contantino is the Grand winner of Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) last year December 16, 2006. After winning, her song "Hawak Kamay" hit the philippines turned Platinum and even used in a film "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" which won a best movie theme song. She now considered as hit maker of todays generation. She has a condo unit where she finished writing the song "Pasko sa Pinas". Yeng has a lot of shoes and her favorites are converse shoes. Her ultimate crush is Piolo Pascual. She has a hard time coping on the life she have now for she is far away with her family. Yeng is very close to them and she misses them.

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Greg Chua said...

Filipinos is really proud of her. Anyway, congratulations Ms. Yeng Constantino for being the Grand winner of Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) I am so proud of you. I am one of your fans and I really admired you; wishing someday that we will see in personal. Keep it up!

Greg | Celebrity News in the Philippines