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The power or privileges of PBB's Head of Household

In Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 reality tv show was introduced the so-called HOH or Head Of Household where the housemates must compete in a designed game to become the HOH. The title holder then will have the following privileges.
1. The use of the special shower room, as well as picking a housemate who would use it as well. In the fourth week, the privilege of watching a movie and the use of a spa menu were added.

2. Immunity from being nominated in the next nomination round.

3. The power to automatically nominate a housemate for eviction.

4. Has a specific perk that is related to his/her personality or profession outside the House.
Every week, an HOH competition is held to determine the housemate who would hold the title. In case one-half of a 2-in-1 Housemate wins the title, the other half earns the title as well. But only one of the two partners can compete and they can decide who should compete. Nominees for eviction are usually exempted to compete.
In the third competition, however, the nominees for eviction were allowed to compete, but in the case the winner gets evicted at the end of the week, the runner-up of the game takes over as HOH.

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