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Cristine Reyes' respond to Carlene Aguilar's confrontation

Cristine Reyes filed a case -Grave Slander/Oral Deflamation to Carlene Aguilar. This is regarding the confrontation of Carlene Aguilar who just gave birth to a child of Dennis Trillo in the K! the one Million Videoke challenge taping in GMA 7. Dennis is rumored today has a relationship with Cristine Reyes. According to Cristine, she was humiliated at the time Carlene forcely confronted her and grabbed her arm, twisted and took her hand then, spoke close to her ears and said.."Sex lang ang habol niya sa iyo". There were also SMS harassment like "Sorry to say parang kabit ang dating mo..., at pinapatulan niyan mga easy to get..., alam niya na mawawala ako ng matagal kaya ka niya binabae...". with this, caused her dishonor, and subject to scorn imputing that she is a homewrecker and a woman with lascivious and immoral habits.
Pictures are (left to right) Carlene Aguilar, Dennis Trillo and Cristine Reyes

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