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Manny Pacquiao lost 100,000 dollars in a bank account

This february, Manny Pacquiao discovered that almost One hundred thousand dollars or about Four Million Pesos had been taken from one of his bank account in Wells Fargo, Los Angeles, California, USA. The suspect is Pia Quijada - wife of Team Pacquiao member Joseph Jose Quijada.

According to Manny, he used the Address of Pia when he opened an account in Wells Fargo. The bank sent all its info and other official letters including check books in Pia's address. Pacquiao didn't know that the bank sent check books to Pia and forged his signature on the check and withdraw. Pia made some money transfer through internet too. Alledgedly Pia had been doing this from January 2007 to February 2008.

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