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Mark Herras My Only Love Cast and Story


Mark Herras as Billy
Rhian Ramos as Cindy
Bianca King as Trixie

Alfred Vargas as Emman
Rita Avila as Camille
Lloyd Samartino as Ricardo
Sherilyn Reyes as Loren
Stef Prescott as Tiffany
Ana Capri as Magda
Gladys Reyes
Kevin Santos
Daniel Fernando
Ruby Rodriguez
Tess Bomb
Marco Alacaraz
Krystal Reyes as Young Cindy

The Story:
They are teeners trapped in the conflicted world of their parents. Two children of two marriages gone sour. Young and confused by the whole situation, they try to look for answers, but the whole business of life is not as simple as it seems. Left with no choice but to come to terms with whatever it is that life presents, they rely on each other for emotional support. And in the process, they learn that despite their parents marital woes, much remains in life and love reserved for the two of them.

My Only Love is a Philippine drama airing on GMA Network as the fifth instalment of Sine Novela. The original movie was released back in 1982.

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