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Longest First Names in Philippine Showbiz

Here are few pinoy celebrity actresses and actors with the longest real first names.

with 12 letters

Anna Gianelli of Gelli De Belen
Jenica Alexis of Jenica Garcia
Maria Isadora of Iza Calsado

with 13 letters

Victoria Lorna of Lorna Tolentino
Joseph Joaquim of Kempee De Leon

with 14 letters

Jesusa Victoria of Lani Mercado

with 16 letters

Maria Katrina Iren of Katrina Halili
Maxene SOfia Maria of Maxene Magallona

with 17 letters

Charlotte Jennifer of Lotlot De Leon
Regina Encarnacion of Regine Velasquez

with 18 letters

Redmond Christopher of Cogie Domingo
Lourdes Jackqueline of Jackie Lou Blanco

with 21 letters

Sheena Patricia Camille of Camille Prats

with 22 letters

Maria Cristina Cassandra of KC Concepcion

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