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Final decision of filipino hunks Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual

Finally Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual formally filed the libel case against writer and host Lolit Solis. Thi€s is€ becau€se of the article on October 15, 2007 of Ms. Lolit. Sam told the press that "The article read in its entirety, shows that she herself was scandalized with what she saw. She pictures us in a romantic interlude awaiting the sunset, scampering like scared rabbits upon learning of her presence. Her article has damaged us and put us in public ridicule." And then Piolo, "After consulting with my family, my friends and legal counsel and after much taught and prayer, I have decided to file a case lawsuit for libel against Miss Lolit Solis" The two hunk actors told the press too that they will cancel this case if only Miss Lolit will retract the article and have a public apology.

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