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Baron Geisler is in while Ethel and Macoy are out in PBB Celeb ed 2

Baron Geisler is still inside the PBB celeb ed. 2 house when he got voted by the viewers to let him stay while Ethel Booba and Mcoy Fundales Voluntarily exited the PBB celebrity house. Macoy decided to go out because he felt insulted and not respected (when Kuya let him out of the Confession room where he wants to point out more his reasons why he acted and talked that day of missunderstanding between them) by kuya when the issue about plagiarism came out or talk about inside the house. Macoy wrote a script for the housemates' weekly challenge and big brother let Macoy assure that the story was original and it would be Macoy will be accountable in case there would be some plagiarism case be filed. Ethel joined Macoy for the reasons she missed her outside world life specially her boyfriend and she was already exausted of the punishment given to them by big brother.
On the next day Ethel and Macoy were guested in the Uber show hosted by Bianca Gonzalez and Pinoy Big Brother apologizes to whatever they think he have done wrong that have hurt them physically and emotionally. Macoy and Ethel then accepted kuya's apology and anyway they have fulfilled their purpose already they told kuya and Bianca.

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Anonymous said...

Sayang, Galing pa naman ni Macoy. so bright and a great singer. i wish luck Macoy... we love u