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Sexy Dawn Zulueta - Lagdameo (Ruth Abelgas in Lastikman)

She is a Pretty Filipina Actress and a wife of Congressman Anton Lagdameo of Davao del Norte with a son named Jacobo (almost 2 years old). She has a lot of endorsements which includes—Meg clothing, Myra-300, pH Care, Marie-France fitness program, Gain Plus, Pantene shamppo, and Johnson's baby lotion and milk bath (with his son, Jacobo), and etc.
Dawn played a role as a mother of Eskappar/Miguel/Lastikman named Ruth Abelgas-An orphan in Earth, Ruth used her beauty and brains to send herself to college. She took up Chemical Engineering and vowed to help ou out children who were dying from strange illnesses. But in her last year in college, she was kidnapped by aliens and was taken to Harraio as a specimen. With no family to look for her, Ruth's disappearance went unnoticed.

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